In April 2002, it opened only the pasta and salad products at the Metrocity Shopping Center, which was the first point to provide fast food service. Initially 6 kinds of pasta; 13 types of sauce and 8 salads are opened with a variety of options, according to the demands of our customers today, the selection of sauce 20, salad has 12 and continues to work to add new ones. We are working diligently to offer you healthy, clean and delicious products. Seven seven On the contrary yem ’for those who like to eat salad and pasta in the past 5 years; It opened its new branches to meet 11 different destinations in Istanbul, 2 in Bursa and 1 in Samsun. Iştır On the other hand, today's fast pace of life has adopted a fast but delicious service, adopting the concept of taste has created a menu that people can create their own preference.




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