Palatium Cafe & Restaurant


Palatium Café & Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in İstanbul for both its quality of foods and its location. It is in Old City, stated 200 meters away from Hagia Sophia and 250 meters away from Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.  It offers variety of authentic Turkish cuisine, cooked with traditional Turkish cooking styles. It is considered one of the best restaurants in İstanbul and it won certificate of excellence from restaurant related websites. Palatium Café & Restaurant selects its ingredients for their food cautiously from local farmers, and their principle is always to serve guests with fresh and good quality products. Their menu ranges from classical Turkish cuisine like appetizers and salads, vegan friendly cuisines, widely flavored pides and to different kinds of kebabs.

Palatium Café & Restaurants’ beauty is not limited to its top-quality food. In 1996, they found part of an old Byzantine palace complex under their restaurant. Called Palatium Magnum, this place served as the main royal residence for Byzantine emperors for over 600 years. It took those 4 years to remove the dirt and clear the palace, and now with a glass floor attached, you can enjoy your meal above this magnificent view. Restaurant also allows guests to go down to palace and explore it. 

Palatium Café & Restaurant is situated in Old City, 5-minute walk away from many of the beauties of the Old City. You can enjoy our Blue Mosque Area Tour where you will discover the heart of the Old City. It is a 4-hour tour with a guide, and you will be walking around old city, exploring Ottoman & Byzantine cultural heritage. You will encounter old Sultanahmet prison, which is now used as a hotel today, and our guides will inform you about trivial facts of how prison system worked in Ottoman Empire, why and how often intellectuals were prisoned in this place. Tour will continue with exploration of old wooden houses, which were the living place of the community, and you will also see mansions of the Ottoman aristocracy. This tour aims to show how Ottoman community used to live, and it will give you an insight on the daily life of Ottomans, and how their traditions shaped their society. 

Istanbul old city tour may also interest you before or after your visit in Palatium Café & Restaurant. It is a unique way to compare a Byzantine governance center and a Ottoman governancecenters, and gives you an excellent opportunity connect the story of Istanbul, what it was, and what it is now. You will visit Topkapi Palace, which served as main executive center of the government, also consist of where Sultan family lived from 1460 to mid 19thcentury.  In Topkapi Palace, there are many section ns of different artifacts, relics and collections such as portaits of Sultans and paintings, Pavillion of the Holy Mantle and Holy Relics, which was used for prayer before enthronement of the Sultans and where they received homage from officials of the Center, rich collection of İstanbul Glassware, silverware, fabrics and many more. The tour will continue with the Sultan tombs, where sarcophaguses of 5 ottoman Sultans and their families. 

Both with its rich menu and its closeness to many Byzantine and Ottoman relics, Palatium Café & Restaurant is an excellent opportunity to color your Istanbul visit. It offers a taste for many different preferences and eating above a Byzantine palace is a powerful experience.                




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